Runic Sounds

Project Name Runic Sounds
Type Audio for Games and Animation
Programming 75%
Music Composition 75%
Environment Various
In Short
Creating and integrating audio for games and animation was my gateway drug to game development, and therefore deserves a place in my portfolio. I am 50% of Runic Sounds, together with my partner in crime Nick van Kleef we've been creating and integrating audio in various projects.

Adaptive Music Demo

We wanted to make fast-paced music that worked well with the varying levels of intensity in a game. To test and showcase this we used the game Mirror's Edge, famous for it's fast-paced gameplay. As you can see in te video the music adapts itself to the situation in the game.

To achieve this we used FMOD-studio, a piece of software designed specifically for audio integration in games. We programmed the parameters and composed the music to be able to adapt relatively fast.

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Teddy Terror

Teddy Terror has been our first serious project as Runic Sounds. Altough it is a small game we've learned a lot from it. Making a soundtrack that is original as well as fun to hear even after playing the game for hours was one of the big obstacles. The originality of this soundtrack oritinates from the chiptune like base backed by orchestral elements. In this video you can see the Steam Greenlight trailer from 2014 with our soundtrack and sounddesign.

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Below The SurFace

A beautifully animated short film by Linde van Dijk & Zina Geboers from the school akv|stjoost in Breda, Netherlands. A shephard loses one of his sheep and goes on a quest to get it back!

We were honoured to do the music and sound design for this beautiful Disney-esque animated short.

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We've done many projects of which I'm proud of, making a selection is close to impossible. If you're interested in the works we've done, feel free to listen further on soundcloud while browsing!