Hi, great to meet you,

My Name is Ruben Bergshoeff

I'm a confident and enthusiastic programming student with broad interests and a desire to help my colleagues, aspiring to be a tool developer or technical designer. I've made some miles in past projects but am very much looking forward to all explorations ahead.

I enjoy studying a system until I know every nook and cranny, just as much as discovering a new environment or work principle. Most of all, I enjoy improving workflow, creating and improving tools that will make my life and that of others easier, so we can get more work done.

Name Ruben Bergshoeff
Hometown Hilversum, the Netherlands
Phone +316 36 555 203
Email ruben@rubicalme.com
Gender Male
Date of birth April 9th, 1995
Drivers license AM-B
Previous Jobs
RubicalMe - Freelance Game and Tool Developer
(November 2017 - Present)

- programming escape rooms, using low level equipment like Arduinos
- programming VR projects and Applied games
- video editing and illustration

Runic Sounds - Composer and Audio Integration for Games
(September 2014 - Present)

- music composition and sound design for interactive media and animation
- audio integration (through custom systems and frameworks like Wwise and FMOD)

HKU - Teachers Assistant and tutoring in Python programming
(September 2017 - Januari 2018)

- school appointed tutor regarding Python programming
- assistance during lectures

Game Development - Bachelor of Science @ HKU
(2016 - Present)
Music Design for Games and Interaction - Bachelor of Music @ HKU
(2014 - Present)

Scrum, Presentation and communication, Gamification, Multiplatform Development, Applied Games, Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, OpenFrameworks