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Hi, great to meet you,

My Name is Ruben Bergshoeff

I'm a confident and enthusiastic programming student with a dedication to workflow, aspiring to be a tool developer or technical designer. I've made some miles in past projects but am very much looking forward to all the things still to learn.

I enjoy studying a system until I know every nook and cranny, but you'll find me just as much exploring a new environment or work principle. Most of all, I enjoy improving workflow, creating and improving tools that will make my life and that of others easier, so we can get more work done.

I am versed in C#, know my way around C++, Python, SQL and PHP, have often worked in the Unity3D engine, and have some experience in OpenFrameworks and the Unreal engine.

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Zilvermeeuwstraat 31
Hilversum, 1221 KK